• Master’s thesis: Application of genetically encoded tension sensor modules to pancreatic cancer organoids
    Kurzbeschreibung:The aim of this thesis is to establish a new method for the measurement of molecular forces by applying tension sensors based on FRET to pancreatic cancer organoids. Confocal microscopy and digital imaging processing and analysis will be employed to understand how mechanical forces lead to structure formation processes in organmorphogenesis. Your Profile:• Surpassing grades in your master’s program in biology, […]
  • Bachelor’s thesis: Application of genetically encoded tension sensor modules to pancreatic cancer organoid
    Short description:The aim of this thesis is to establish a new method for the measurement of molecular forces by applying tension sensors based on FRET to pancreatic cancer organoids. Confocal microscopy and digital imaging processing and analysis will be employed to understand how mechanical forces lead to structure formation processes in organmorphogenesis. Your Profile:• Surpassing grades in your bachelor’s program in […]
  • BA / SA / MA: Potentialkontrollierte Membranchromatographie – Setup Design
    Kurzbeschreibung: Entwicklung eines neuen Setups für die Potentialkontrollierte Membranchromatographie.Aufgaben: Entwicklung eines Membranmoduls, Simulation der Strömungseigenschaften, Inbetriebnahme an einer präparativen ChromatographieanlageAnforderungen: Kreativität und handwerkliches Geschick, Spaß an angewandter Forschung, Von Vorteil: Erste Kenntnisse in CAD und Comsol Beschreibung: Ziel dieses Forschungsprojektes ist die Entwicklung eines neuartigen Chromatographieprozesses unter Einsatz von leitfähigen Membranen. Diese können in ihrer […]
  • Carbon capture & storage: analysis and characterization of biochar production pathways
    Short description:At the Laboratory of Chemical Process Engineering, a new project about carbon capture and storage has recently started. The overall aim of the project is to reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere by developing a suitable long-term carbon storage in Bavaria. There are various carbon sources, such as CO2 from air, minerals, […]
  • Help to accelerate next generation cancer immunotherapies
    Short description:We are a highly motivated and innovative resaerch team at the chair for biomolecular nanotechnology working on the realisation of next generation cancer immunotherapies based on DNA-nanotechnology. We are looking for highly motivated students to join our team. Description: Antibody-based  immunotherapies  have  great  potential  for  the  treatment  of  tumor  diseases. However,  an  over-stimulation  of  […]
  • Internships at Oncology Department at Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research (NIBR)
    Kurzbeschreibung: The Oncology Department of the Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research in Basel, Switzerland is currently looking for interns in the field of molecular and cellular biology. Positions are available for 6 months to work on different aspects of cancer biology.You will be involved in cutting-edge research using the latest technologies in genetic manipulation, molecular […]
  • Immunological diabetes research
    Short description: 1. Targeting RORγt/DHODH signaling in islet autoimmunity and Type 1 Diabetes 2. The role of T cell-specific IL6Rα signaling in maintaining tissue immune homeostasis Description: 1. We investigate the influence of RORγt/DHODH inhibition on Tregs and different T cell subsets in islet autoimmunity and T1D. Using various in vitro approaches and loss-of-function or T1D […]
  • Masterarbeit (m/f/d) Biotechnologie / Chemie beim TUM-MedTech Startup & Professur für Selektive Trenntechnik
    Dymium is an early-stage MedTech startup based in Munich. Our team has developed and patented a new surgical method for the residue-free, minimal-invasive removal of kidney stone fragments using magnetism. This has the potential to save thousands of patients from follow-up surgeries every year. We are looking for a student (m/f/d) to help us with […]
  • Using defects in diamond for the detection of nucleic acids
    Short description: Quantum sensors in diamond are a promising platform for the detection of DNA sequences. Description: Recent experiments have shown that defects in diamond, in particular nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers, can be used as quantum sensors for detecting nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) signals from tiny volumes down to a single molecule. Our group applies this […]
  • Developing a quantum diamond microscope for imaging magnetically labeled cells and magnetic particles
    Short description:The thesis works at the unique interface of experimental quantum technology and analysis of chemical and biological systems. Description:Are you interested in the prospects to manipulate biological structures with magnetic fields to intervene in central cellular processes relevant in biomedicine? Then you should be interested in this joint Master’s project between the Bucher Lab https://www.bucherlab.org/ and […]
  • Master Thesis for targeted protein degradation project
    Description: Brenda Schulman laboratory, Molecular Machines and Signaling Department, Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry Background:Protein modification by the small protein ubiquitin regulates nearly all aspects of eukaryotic biology.  A particular type of modification, where proteins are decorated by “chains” of ubiquitin proteins covalently linked to each other, direct proteins for degradation by the proteasome.  Defects […]
  • Master’s Thesis: Catalytic Activation of Dinitrogen with bioinspired Complexes
    Short: The overarching aim of the Mougel group research at ETH Zürich is to provide energy efficient strategies for the (electro)chemical transformation of small molecules such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide to high value-added products. Molecular catalysts allow for a high tunability of reaction active sites. We hereby take our inspiration from Nature, by aiming […]
  • Master Thesis (m/w/d): TUM Campus Straubing for Biotechnology and Sustainability
    At TUM Campus Straubing for Biotechnology and Sustainability, the Chair of Chemistry of Biogenic Resources (Prof. Volker Sieber) deals with the development of chemical and biotechnological processes for the conversion of biomass to base chemicals, biofuels, and fine chemicals. For this work, the focus of research is on protein biochemistry (enzymeengineering), molecular biology (cloning, mutagenesis), […]
  • Master Thesis: Ultrafast Energy Conversion in Biological Photosystems
    Kurzbeschreibung: Do you want use femtosecond laser-spectroscopy to study photosynthetic energy-conversion? Beschreibung: All forms of higher life on earth rely directly or indirectly on photosynthesis – the biological conversion of light into chemical energy. Substantial attention is being paid to these crucial processes, not only in terms of fundamental principles of nature, but also as […]
  • Master’s Thesis: Modification of a testing unit for the gas phase hydrogenation of aldehydes
    For students of chemical engineering or chemistry with focus technical chemistry (Professur für Anorganische Chemie, Prof. Dr. K. Köhler & Max Hiller) Motivation and problem definition: Hydrogenations belong to the most relevant reactions in industrial practice. Structure-activity relationships and mechanistic investigations are important for catalyst optimization. For that reason, an existing and well-working fixed bed […]
  • Chromatographie: Charakterisierung und Optimierung eines Proteinreinigungs-Prozesses
    Kurzbeschreibung: Aufgaben: Protein Herstellung mit E.coli, Chromatographie Methodiken, Auswertung und Validierung experimenteller Daten. Anforderungen: strukturiertes Arbeiten, Interesse an neuen Technologien, von Vorteil: Kenntnisse im Bereich Chromatographie, Mikrobiologie, Organische Chemie. Beschreibung: Im Downstream Processing von Proteinen leistet die Chromatographie einen essentiellen Teil, ist jedoch auch wesentlicher Kostentreiber bei der bioprozesstechnischen Herstellung. Es ist daher wichtig, die […]
  • Master’s Thesis in Immune Protein Engineering
    Short description: A Master’s thesis project is available in the laboratory for Cellular Protein Biochemistry at the TUM, Chemistry. Description: Our laboratory aims at understanding how proteins fold, assemble and are scrutinized by the cellular quality control machinery. We are particularly interested in proteins of the secretory pathway that allow cells to interact with their […]
  • MSc Thesis Position in Functional Genomics: Phase Separation Events in Human Cells
    Description:The Jae lab at the Gene Center (Genzentrum) of the Ludwig-Maximilians Universität Munich (LMU) is looking for a highly motivated and skilled master’s student.Our lab studies the genetic profile of human disease processes with a focus on mitochondrial defects using a combination of CRISPR/Cas9 genome engineering and unbiased genome-wide mutagenesis in haploid human cells (Science, […]
  • Bachelor Arbeit – Biozid-Analytik in Kühlschmiermitteln
    Kurzbeschreibung: Es soll eine LC/UV Methode für die quantitative Bestimmung von 3 Bioziden (Pyrithion, BIT, BBIT) in Kühlschmiermitteln (KSS) entwickelt und für unterschiedliche KSS valdidiert werden. Beschreibung: Kühlschmiermittel werden in der Metallverarbeitenden Industrie in vielen Prozessen eingesetzt und bestehen aus einer Öl/Wasser-Mischung. Leider bietet diese Mischung einen guten Nährboden für Mikroorganismen, die für schlechte Gerüche […]
  • Bachelorarbeit – Siedlungswasserwirtschaft
    Kurzbeschreibung: Für die Untersuchung verschiedener Fragestellungen wird eine zuverlässige Bestimmungsmethode für volatile Grundwasserschadstoffe der BTEX-Gruppe benötigt. Hier soll im Rahmen einer Bachelorarbeit eine Headspace-GC/FID-Methode etabliert und validiert werden. Beschreibung: BTEX (Benzol, Toluol, Ethylbenzol und p-, o-, und m-Xylol) sind häufig als Schadstoffe im Grundwasser anzutreffen, beispielsweise durch Leckagen an Tankstellen oder Ölförderarbeiten eingetragen. „Advanced Oxidation […]
  • Masters/PhD projects: Imaging the machines that reshape and remake chromosomes
    Master’s thesis and PhD projects in several areas at Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry availabe. We hope to recruit students with a background in physics, biochemistry, or a related field, who have a strong interest in dynamic studies of biological processes using structural and single-molecule approaches. Skills in protein biochemistry, programming, and a basic knowledge […]
  • Masterarbeit im Fachbereich Onkologie
    [english below] Wir bieten ein spannendes Projekt an der Schnittstelle von Zellbiologie und Medizin im Bereich Pankreaskarzinomforschung an. Das duktale Adenokarzinom des Pankreas (PDAC) ist durch ein fibroblastenreiches desmoplastisches Stroma gekennzeichnet, dass eine kritische Rolle bei der Progression und Therapieresistenz des PDAC spielt. Dieses Projekt wird sich auf die Interaktion zwischen CAF (Tumor-assoziierte Fibroblasten) und […]