Information for Ukrainian Students

We from the Student Council of the Faculty of Chemistry express our solidarity to all people affected by the military attack on Ukraine. In particular, we want to support the Ukrainian students at TUM and refugee students from Ukraine in this regard. We support and endorse the statements and demands of the Technical University of Munich, the German National Association for Student Affairs (Deutschen Studentenwerks), the Conference of Bavarian Student Representations in Bavaria (LAK Bayern) and the Student Council of TUM. We are in close contact with administrative offices and the Dean of Students Office at the faculty level. You can contact us at or on our social media channels.

This page answers the most frequently asked questions:

How can I support Ukrainian students at TUM or refugee students from Ukraine?

A latest collection of the aid and support organisations, which you can help with financial or material contributions, but also with volunteering, can be found on the website of the Student Council. In addition, we would like to point out the donation and solidarity program at TUM.

I am deeply concerned by the situation, where can I find psychological counseling and conversation services?

The Diversity Board of the Chemistry Department has a standing offer for online consultation hours and are ready to provide advisory support for various worries, needs or problems. In addition, you can contact the central student counseling and information center of TUM or the counseling network of the Munich Student Union (Studentenwerk München).

How can I get in touch with Ukrainian students in Munich?

You can contact Ukrainian students from the two largest universities in Munich via the Instagram profiles @tum_ukraine and @studentsforukraine_muc. A central TUM mentoring program for refugee students is planned. In addition, the Bund ukrainischer Studenten in Deutschland e.V. offers Germany-wide networking.

What can I do if I cannot keep up with my studies in the current situation, if I am not able to meet the set deadlines?

In case of deadlines for theses, internship and research reports, as well as other submissions, it is recommended to contact the respective supervisors directly and explain the situation. However, if this procedure should lead to problems in individual cases, you can contact the Dean of Studies Office of the Department directly at

In general, the student advisory service of TUM and the departmental student advisory service at the study program level are also available.

Who can I consult if I was not able to participate in my examinations?

Only the fundamental examination (Grundlagen- und Orientierungsprüfung) in the Bachelor’s program, as well as the conditional examinations (Auflageprüfungen) in the Master’s program are limited in time or by a certain number of attempts. Passing all other exams is only important for meeting the so-called “ECTS barrier”, which has already been waived due to the pandemic situation. Participation in the GOP exams is not mandatory this semester as well for the same reason. Nevertheless, if problems regarding the examination situation have arisen, you can contact the examination board of the respective study program.

How can I get support with my application to TUM?

TUM Student Advising and Information Center helps with all questions regarding studying and applying to TUM and serves in particular as a contact office for refugee students who want to continue their studies at TUM.

In addition, changes are currently being worked out at the legislative level that would allow so-called “module studies” (Modulstudium) in the coming summer semester. Thus, refugee Ukrainian students will be able to continue their studies directly without being fully enrolled and will be given time to complete the application process at TUM within a half year. Other problems associated with the change of study location, such as the lack of some documents or verifications, will also be taken into considered by the legislation.

How can I get financial support for my studies?

Scholarships, funds and programs are being established to provide financial assistance to affected students. For information and advisory assistance, you can contact the central TUM Student Advising and Information Center directly. The existing support options include scholarships for students at TUM and financing from the Munich Student Union (Studentenwerk München).

In addition, measures are being taken to reduce the financial burden for Ukrainian students in individual sectors. For example, local transportation is available free of charge with a valid identification document. The Munich Student Union offers financial support in the amount of up to 100 euros for the cafeteria card. Ukrainian students who live in a dormitory of the Munich Student Union can now arrange rent deferrals. To do so, they can contact the advisory and counselling network of the Munich Student Union.

Where can I find language courses at TUM?

TUM Language Center offers German courses, among others. The number of courses offered should be increased in the coming semester.