Student Council

Student Representatives

The representation of students’ interests is also anchored in our democracy at all universities. There are different levels of representation in so-called university policy, analogous to the policy “out there”.

At our faculty the highest body is the faculaty council. It is there that professors are appointed, doctorates and habilitations are awarded and your study regulations are approved. The students of a department are represented there by the two departmental council representatives – those who received the most votes in the university election.
Besides these two, there are other student representatives at our faculty, whose number depends on the total number of students at the faculty. All together form the so-called student representatives (currently 17 representatives). For example, it awards the students’ prizes and sends delegates to the Student Council meetings.

  • Patricia König, CH, Member of the Board of the Department
  • Tobias Unrath, CH, Member of the Board of the Department
  • Miriam Jänchen, CH, Delegate to the Council of Student Representatives
  • Till Gundlach, BC, Delegate to the Council of Student Representatives
  • Alexander Imminger, CH
  • Alexander Spears, CH
  • Laura Grünwald, CIW, Delegate to the Council of Student Representatives
  • Leon Robert Mayr, LC
  • Lukas Huber, CH
  • Hannes Ehlert, BC
  • Franziska Schwimmer, CIW
  • Sandra Paßreiter, CH
  • Julia Draeger, CH
  • Maria Weyh, BC
  • Joachim Ottinger, CIW
    CH = chemistry, BC = biochemistry, LC = food chemistry, CIW = chemical engineering

Of course, each of the departments of the TUM has its own student council. Together they form the Student Representation of TUM to represent all students to the university management. All delegates discuss current topics in the student council, the highest student body at TUM. Projects and initiatives there included the introduction of the semester ticket and the construction of the StudiTUM houses.