Save the date:
Thu, May 20th 2021

Since 2011 we provide a night full of good music on 4 areas at the beginning of the summer semester.

Together with the student council of Mathematics/Physics/Computer Science (MPI) we organize dance music in the Magistrale of the MI-Building, with chill electro swing outside on the Shisha Terrace and large Metal Bunker. For the dancing body there will be beer on tap, long drinks, cocktails, pizza and fries.

We are always looking for helpers who want to see what a party looks like from the other side and want to help to make the party an unforgettable evening! The helper registration will be activated shortly before the party and you can register here.

For the team of organizers we and the MPI are now each providing 2 so-called main organizers who, together with a team of more than 30 division leaders, will get the party going:

Unity 2020:
– canceled –
FS MPI: Kempec Halk & Paul Fischer
FS Chemie: Sandra Paßreiter & Lukas Huber

Unity 2019:

FS MPI: Carina Fröhlich & Kempec Halk
FS Chemie: Sandra Paßreiter & Till Gundlach

Unity 2018:

FS MPI: Frederic Naumann & Carina Fröhlich
FS Chemie: Sophia Paravicini & Sandra Paßreiter

Unity 2017:

FS MPI: Frederic Naumann & Elisabeth Iovkova
FS Chemie: Sophia Paravicini & Julia Bayer

Unity 2016:

FS MPI: Andreas Kührmann & Frederic Naumann
FS Chemie: David Xu & Sophia Paravicini

Unity 2015:

FS MPI: Ellen Maeckelburg & Ronja Schönecker
FS Chemie: Michael Röpke & Daniel Döllerer

Unity 2014:

FS MPI: Sven Hertle & Sebastian Roith
FS Chemie: Michael Röpke & Lukas Woltmann

Unity 2013:

FS MPI: Sven Hertle & Benjamin Schnoy
FS Chemie: Michael Röpke & Julien König

Unity 2012:

FS MPI: Sebastian Biermann & Peter Zarnitz
FS Chemie: Benjamin Hofmann & Konstantin Krautgasser

Unity 2011:

FS MPI: Patrick Blitz & Sebastian Biermann
FS Chemie: Ben Hofmann