Student Council

About Us

Who, or what, is the “Fachschaft”?

We all are. This means all students at the department of chemistry, across all courses of study.

However, as far as the definition is concerned, in everyday use at the university, “Fachschaft” usually refers to a group of active students who are involved in the structure and everyday life of the university. In concrete terms, this includes participation in university committees, the organization of university life or organizational activities within the student council.

The Chemistry Student Council unites all students of chemistry, biochemistry, food chemistry and chemical engineering in order to represent our common interests and to organise our everyday student life in the best possible way.

An important instrument for this are the annual university elections, because the university is also a democratic system. There you choose your student representatives for a university year (Oct to Sep) from various suggestion lists. They are then entitled to represent all students of the chemistry department in university committees such as the faculty council or the student council.

In the daily work of the student council there are different units. Each units consists of several active members of the student council who take on certain projects, for example the freshmen introduction or this website! For organisational purposes and to discuss current topics, all members of the student council meet regularly.

In order to provide our services, an extra association stands behind the student council: “Fachschaft Chemie der TU München e.V.”. This enables us to keep a bank account and organize events.

The active work of the student representatives is therefore based on three pillars: association, meetings and elected representatives. Accordingly, we have a tripartite management structure:

Departmental Student Council Spokesperson

Miriam Jänchen

Head of the elected Student Representatives

Plenary Chair

Jennifer Knauer

Conduct all Student Council meetings, Coordinate day-to-day work of all Units

Association Board

Julia Klüpfel – President
Joachim Ottinger – Vice President
Lukas Huber
– Treasurer