Freshmen Days 2021

Dear freshmen,

We warmly welcome you to the Faculty of Chemistry! In order to provide you with the necessary information, to ensure that you find your way around the campus, and of course to get to know your fellow students, we have organised many introductory events for you again this year. The aim of these events is to have you well-equipped to start your studies with familiar colleagues. We hope that we will achieve this, even in times of the Corona pandemic. We can only recommend everyone to take part in the programme, you will see that many things will be easier for you afterwards…

You can find more information here. We wish you a lot of fun at the Freshman Days and hope that many of your questions will be answered!


Virtual Student Council Office

We have great news for you! From now on you can visit our virtual student council office 😊
We are available every Monday from 5pm to 6pm and every Thursday from 7pm to 8pm to listen to your questions, requests and suggestions! We look forward to seeing many new and familiar faces at:


Meeting-ID: 686 6544 3955
Passwort: 544209


#LecturesForFuture – How to achieve sustainable mobility

According to the motto #LecturesForFuture, scientists around the world have given lectures offering insights into scientific work on climate crisis and further relevant societal challenges. These lectures aim to open up a critical public discourse on climate-, environmental- and sustainability-related topics.

Prof. Hubert Gasteiger, a TUM chemistry professor, has now also dedicated one of his lectures to the #LecturesForFuture project. In his talk he addresses the question of sustainable mobility and gives interesting insights into the current research and remaining challenges regarding battery electric cars and fuel cell electric vehicles.

The transformation of our mobility is the subject of numerous heated debates in living rooms and talk shows and is intensely discussed by politicians, business, society and the media. Often, you might be asked about your opinion because you study “something with chemistry…”. This is why we strongly recommend you to watch this lecture and gain a basic understanding of the technology, chances and challenges. It should be the responsibility of us all (as ongoing scientists, engineers, managers, decision-makers and voters) to bring some objective arguments into this discussion.

Here is the link to the lecture (accessible for everyone with a TUM account):


Franziska, Philip, Matthias

PhD students

Chair of Technical Electrochemistry


New seminar: Automation and Visualization

In summer term 2021, the Chair of Analytical Chemistry and Water Chemistry offers a new seminar for master students of all programs: “Automation and visualization of laboratory processes and data”. You can find the module under course number 0000005477 in TUMonline. The language of instruction is mainly English.

The module of 5 ECTS is a practical introduction to Python and LEGO EV3. The fun doesn’t fall by the wayside either: The new knowledge is applied to LEGO robots! You will also learn how to program automatic tools for data analysis.

More info can be found in this article (german) or on Youtube (english).


Green University, Green Life

What is actually happening at our university in terms of sustainability and the environment? Here we would like to give you an overview of some activities for the winter semester 2020/21:

Every semester, the environmental department of the Student Council offers a series of lectures on environmental topics. Each semester there is a overarching topic, under which experts are invited to give lectures and participate in discussions. Within the framework of the so-called “Überfachliche Grundlagen” (interdisciplinary basics), which are part of most curricula, credits can even be recognized for this. You can find out exactly how this works on the homepage of the Environmental Department. The lectures are digital this semester.

This semester, the overarching topic is:

“Is environmental degradation making us sick?
Why environmental protection equals health protection”

Medicine has made enormous progress in the last centuries: We are able to cure more and more diseases, we understand more and more how we can enhance our health and thereby improve our quality of living. But thanks to our way of life we are negatively impacting our environment and thus our health more and more every day: Microplastics in our food und drinking water, air pollution, increasingly frequent heat waves that are enhanced by climate change and much more. At the same time the environment has a lot of positive effects on our health – nature increases our physical and psychological wellbeing and offers us a lush diversity of foods and plant based active ingredients. 

However, a lot of those things that our environment is providing us, we are jeopardizing with our behavior. If we want to maintain a healthy world that’s worth living in, for us and future generations, we have to find a way to live in harmony with our environment! Scientific insights have to be combined with effective actions. 

We are inviting you to learn from experts about the relationship between environment and health and to find out how to improve it – informative, critical and interdisciplinary.

Another “big player” for student commitment in the environmental field are the Students for Future. Since the winter semester 2019/20, for example, they have been organizing the so-called Public Climate School, a week full of public environmental lectures for the transfer of knowledge from science to society. It takes place in mid-November in the winter semester and mid-May in the summer semester.

Public Climate School 16th-20th November 2020

But how do you now, as a private person, put into practice in real life all that you learn in these lectures? Don’t worry – both groups will take care of that together. In the environmental lifeguide you can learn how to live more sustainably. Powered by Students for Future, the environmental departments of TUM and LMU and others. Because it concerns us all 😉


Lab Coat Sales

Due to the current situation, the student council office is currently closed. For current internships there are arrangements with the internship supervisors, so that you still have a protective gown in the internship.
If there are regular dates again in the future, you will find them here. Unfortunately, with all the uncertainty, we can’t say when that will be. Stay healthy!

– no current dates available

Please register via

Of course we have to adhere to the following hygiene regulations:

  • Only one student at a time is allowed in the student council office. Please form a queue for waiting, observing the floor markings and the safety distance.
  • It is obligatory to wear a face mask.
  • It is possible to try on the gowns to determine the desired size.
  • Please bring your own pen.
  • When entering the office, presence must be confirmed on the displayed list, giving contact details and a signature.