Student Council

Departments & Commissioners

Room Department

Head: Merle Zenner

We take care of the rooms and equipment of the student council. At the top of our to-do list is the orderliness in the student council office and the common room, but also in our storage room. We keep the equipment, e.g. the kitchen and seating in the Common Room, in good working order. In addition, we try to procure and prepare new rooms such as the Study Room. We are always open for ideas for the design of the Common Room and other rooms at the university!

Evaluation Department

Head: Ziwei Wang

The Evaluation-Unit is responsible for the evaluations of lectures every semester. We value to pass on praise, critical aspects, suggestions for improvement and further concerns of the students to the lecturers. The Evaluation Unit selects the lectures that should be evaluated, conducts the evaluation and shares the results with the lecturers.

If you want to engage in the evaluations, you can stop by at our office or contact the unit directly via email.

Feedback Department

Head: Alexander Imminger

The Feedback Unit conducts a survey of all bachelor students at the beginning of every semester to determine wich lectures should be evaluated. We want to enable you to give the lecturers an anonymous feedback and to actively help shape the lecture. The feedback is conducted at the beginning of the semester in contrast to the evaluations, which grants you the opportunity to profit from the changes yourself and to directly contribute.

Events Department

Head: Laura Grünwald

The Events Unit’s work consists of a mixture of contributing to other projects and realizing one’s own ideas. We cooperate with the TUM Student Representation and other departmental student councils (i.g. mathematics/physics/informatics or mechanical engineering) to provide voluntary helpers for their events: TUNIX, GARNIX, “Meine erste Uniparty” and many more. Additionally, we organize our own summer and Christmas parties for all students and employees of the Departement of Chemistry.

University Politics Department

Head: Igor Koop

We at the Unit of University Politics unite the student members of the Board of the Department, the Council of the Student Representatives and everyone interested. We inform you about important topics of university politics and about the university elections, which take place every summer. We gladly report on current developments every semester at the Departmental Student General Assembly (Fachschaftsvollversammlung, FVV). Our aim is to figure out the opinions and needs of the students in the student council meetings and at FVVs and to advocate them toward the university in the appropriate committees.

The meetings of the Council of the Student Representatives take place every three weeks and include all student councils of the different departments of TUM. There, our representatives discuss various topics such as scholarships, the semester ticket or study grants.

In addition, two student representatives, who are elected annually, attend the monthly meetings of the Board of the Department. We discuss various topics such as habilitations, doctorates, new study contents or regulations with professors and other department members.

Chemist Department

Head: Ilias Asimakopoulos

The Chemist is the newspaper of the Departmental Student Council of Chemistry.

What articles or topics would you like to see in this newspaper?

Do you have any suggestions what could be included into the newspaper, except articles?

If you have questions concerning the Chemist or would like to participate, feel free to write to us via email.

PR Department

Head: Franziska Schwimmer

The PR-Unit is responsible for everything concerning advertisement and design. This ranges from designing posters and flyers to organizing photo shootings with all Student Council members. We also crafted the information booklet you received as a freshman. If you want to emerge into designs or want to flourish in your creativity, the PR-Unit is especially looking for your contribution!

Information Department

Head: Vivian Koplin Tubone

If you have questions, suggestions, wishes or notices you want to be displayed, the Information Unit will support you. We convey all relevant information we receive through emails for you via posters, our website and social media.

In other words, if you are have any problems and do not know how to go on, we are familiar with the department’s network and which person to contact to assist you.

IT Department

Head: Joachim Ottinger

We at the IT unit design and operate the homepage and the forum of the student council, which are continuously updated. We also take care of the printers in the CIP pool and are happy to help you with any questions you may have.

Commissioner for Freshmen Introduction
in the ST 22


Commissioner for Freshmen Introduction
in the WT 21/22

Luis Oxenfart

The Freshmen Commissioner and his helpers organizes all welcoming events (like introductory days and a welcoming barbecue). We want to assist incoming students in integrating into university life and hope that some would even like to join the Student Council.

We shape the introductory days, organize tours across the campus or through the faculty, pack welcoming packages, arrange a traditional Bavarian breakfast with Weißwürsten and much more.


Commissioner for the Forum

Jana Bayer

As the commissioner for the student council forum I take care of the structure and order of the contents in the forum. Especially the maintenance of the learning aids provided there and the moderation of the forum are important tasks. If you would like to share your learning aids, summaries, index cards etc. with your fellow students via the forum, please contact me by e-mail.

Commissioner for the Student General Assembly


I organize the student general assembly, which takes place once a semester.

Keeper of Records

Simona Hanuliaková

As secretary you take care of the written protocols for each meeting of the Student Council. Each has to be correct, properly formated, voted on and archived.