• Bachelor/Master Thesis and Job Offers
    Where can I find job offers? How do I find Theses? Where can my job offers be publicized?
  • Borrowing from the Student Council
    How can I rent a barbecue grill, (ale-) benches or a boiler for glühwein? How can I rent lab goggles? Can I borrow a lab coat? What else can I borrow from the student council?
  • Chemistry Student Council
    How can I contact the student council? How can I participate in the Student Council? What does the Student Council do for its students? Where is the Student Council’s office located?
  • Contact Persons
    Who can I contact for general questions regarding my course of studies? Who can help me with social/mental issues? Where can I find Informations for a semester abroad? Who is the first aid responder and where can I find first aid kits?
  • Everything about laboratory courses
    Where can I get laboratory insurance? Where can I get a lab coat and goggles? Where can I get a locker?
  • IT-Systems and Printing
    Where can I find information regarding the IT-systems at TUM (VPN, eduroam, CampusOnline etc.)? How can I use the printers at the department of chemistry? What to do if a printer is out of order? How does the printing quota work?
  • Miscellaneous
    Where can I hang up posters or flyers? Where is the lost-and-found office?
  • Studying at TUM
    How does the credit system work? How many times am I allowed to repeat an exam? Where can I find my current exam regulations? Where can I find my schedule? What about scholarships and financial aid? Where can I find additional learning material? Where can I find information about the libraries? What deadlines do I have to keep in mind?
  • The Campus in Garching and the Department of Chemistry
    What are my options for recreational acitvities? How do I find a room in the Department of Chemistry? Where can I find something to eat? Where is the common room? Where are study rooms located? Where is the Student Coucil’s study room?
  • Your Start at TUM
    Where can I find my timetable? What subjects do I have? When do I have to be where? Do I have to attend a preliminary maths course? And: Do I have to repeat math? Which initial courses are compulsory? Can/Should I prepare something for the start of my studies? Do I have to register for lectures now? How do I get my student card? At which sites will I study food chemistry?