What it’s about

The somewhat cryptic abbreviation FVV stands for the unwieldy word Fachschaftsvollversammlung – so the abbreviation is probably justified. In English it would be Student Body Meeting or Student Assembly…but that would only lead to yet another abbreviation, so let’s stick with FVV. It takes place once a semester on a central date and gives the student councils the opportunity to inform all students about their tasks and current topics. For this purpose, the FVV period must be kept free of lectures, lab courses and tutorials.

The dates are communicated centrally via TUM.

At the FVV, the student council organises information stands in the foyer, opposite the Hans Fischer lecture hall, where you can talk to us. The event usually starts with a short presentation, in which topics concerning university politics are illustrated and upcoming events are highlighted. In addition, there is always something delicious to dust off at the FVV – gingerbread in winter, ice cream in summer!

But most importantly, we get the chance to talk to you. For this purpose we have conducted surveys in the past, e.g. about university life, internship costs or the equipment of the common room.

But because there’s always more that can be done, we launched FVVplus in the winter semester 2018/19. This is how we get even more information on board for you. During the winter semester, we will bring the chairs and working groups of our department from the upper floors into the foyer so that you can find out about their research areas and current theses. In the summer semesters, we bring together fellow students who have spent a semester in different countries and share their experiences with you.

We are looking forward to meeting yout at the next FVV!

Information for chairs/research groups:

If you are interested in participating and the invitation to FVVplus has not reached you, please contact us at

If you have any further questions, we will gladly help you.