Student Council

Student Council Meetings

The next student council meetings will take place online at 6 pm on mondays:
To request the participation link, please contact

The student council work offers many opportunities to get involved at the university, to give something back on a voluntary basis and for personal development. Sounds like an empty phrase? Well, here are a few examples:

  • Through our regular meetings you are always up to date on what’s going on at the university – right in the middle instead of just being there!
  • As a student representative, you learn soft skills such as teamwork, rhetoric, presentation and, depending on how much you tackle, stress management.
  • You get to know a lot of people – from your semester, but also from higher and lower grades and other courses or faculties – for more interdisciplinarity & exchange.
  • Being a volunteer is always good for your CV and for various scholarship programs.
  • The student representatives exchanges ideas and information among each other on a professional level. So if you get stuck with a homework assignment or in the lab, there is definitely someone who can help you.

If that sounds good to you, just drop by our office (CH 26503) – we will be happy to answer any other questions. Or you can plunge right into the turmoil at one of our meetings!


The Campus in Garching and the Department of Chemistry

What are my options for recreational acitvities?

On the grass in front of the chemistry faculty you can practice various outdoor sports. The corresponding equipment is available in our office (see “Borrowing from the student council”). The same is offered by the student council MPI for the sports field in front of the MI building. There is also a small bouldering wall there, disguised as the old reactor.
In summer it is worth taking a short walk to the Isar river or a trip by bike to the lake in Garching.
In the evening, the Campus-Cneipe C2 invites you for cool drinks and company.

How do I find a room in the Department of Chemistry?

We know the room system is complicated but we’re sure you’ll figure it out! The first number corresponds to the level you’re on. The numbering starts at 1 in the basement. Therefore the ground floor is number 2.The second number corresponds to the tower. 2 is for green, 3 is for yellow, 6 is for orange and 7 is for pink. The last three numbers are the actual room number. To orient yourself, you go to your target tower on your target level and then look up. There are tubes which show you an overview of the “crossing” you’re at. Now look for the corridor which contains your room number. There is a nice overview of the chairs and their roomnumbers.

Where can I find something to eat?

There is a canteen on the campus Garching where you can pay with your student card. To do so, you first have to charge it with cash, which you can do in the canteen area at the designated stations. You can also make use of the Autoload function, which can be activated at the Information center in the canteen. You can also find the Stucafé in the canteen building, where you can also pay with your student card.
There’s also a cafe in the Department of Chemistry where you can get everything from Brezn to cake. It’s located right beyond the main entrance area and is referred to as the Grieche (German for Greek), because it’s run by our friend Costa and his family. Other options are the cafes in the other departments on campus.

Where is the common room?

The common room is located next to the student councils office.

Where are study rooms located?

Most libraries on campus have study rooms where you can study in silence as long as there’s enough space. The library of the Department of Chemistry is located to the left after entering through the main entrance. After you’ve walked down the stairs, you’ll find the reading hall, which also features rooms for group work, which have to be booked in advance. You can work in them if they’re empty but you have to leave when the person who booked the room arrives. Another offer is the the so called Studitum, which is located across the road from the Department of Chemistry. Before they let you in, you have to agree to the terms of service in TUMonline. After that, your student card will open the StudiTUM doors.

Where is the Student Coucil’s study room?

Exclusively in our faculty there is also the study room of the student council in CH 53204
We always leave the room open so that as many people as possible can use it as often as possible and are not tied to our presence. Only in the two weeks before the start of the winter semester do we use it as a preparation room for the freshman introductions.


Contact Persons

Who can I contact for general questions regarding my course of studies?

General questions regarding your couse of studies are best sent to the Office of Student Affairs. They can be found here.
If you think that your problem is shared by other students of your year as well, you can talk to the student representatives of your year who can report your problems collectively.

Who can help me with social/mental issues?

If you feel threatened, discriminated against or you’re a victim of sexual assault, you can talk to several contact persons.

  • There is a “Kummerkasten” of the chemistry faculty in the corridor opposite the student council office.
  • You can also contact the Women’s Representative Dr Oksana Storcheva by e-mail at . Even if you are not a woman or if your problem is of a different nature, you can be helped here.
  • The Munich Student Union has many offers for students in difficult situations, the Advisory Network.

Where can I find Informations for a semester abroad?

The foreign representatives of the Faculty of Chemistry are Daniela Fengler and Prof. Dr. Fritz Kühn. You can contact them directly or keep an eye out for their events, e.g. at our events section.
The TUM Global and Alumni Offcie regularly organizes the International Day and provides a lot of information about ways to go abroad, even outside of events.

Who is the first aid responder and where can I find first aid kits?

The first aid responder is Daniela Fengler. You can find her in the room CH 26502 next to the student council office. There should be first aid kits in almost every room. Every laboratory has to be equipped with at least one first aid kit as well.