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Using defects in diamond for the detection of nucleic acids

Short description:
Quantum sensors in diamond are a promising platform for the detection of DNA sequences.

Recent experiments have shown that defects in diamond, in particular nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers, can be used as quantum sensors for detecting nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) signals from tiny volumes down to a single molecule. Our group applies this novel technology to detect chemical reactions on surfaces at the nanoscale for applications in bioanalytics.

In this interdisciplinary project, you will use NV-shallow-implanted diamond chips as a novel sensing platform for detecting nucleic acids. For this purpose, you will modify the surface of diamond chips with nucleic acids and perform NV-based magnetic resonance experiments to detect their phosphorus NMR signal. The overall goal is to develop a novel sensor for detecting DNA sequences.

Techniques: NV-NMR, biochemistry, bioassays
Skills: Ideally knowledge of NMR/EPR spectroscopies, surface chemistry, and analytical chemistry

Kontaktperson: Dominik Bucher, dominik.bucher[ät]tum.de

Link: http://www.bucherlab.org