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Synthesis of polyethylene with controlled microstructure from α-diimine Ni complexes Description- Master thesis

Kurzbeschreibung: In this Master Thesis, your work will be mainly concentrated on the development of novel and functionalized α-diimine Ni complexes to catalyze ethylene polymerization. Through careful design involving systematic varia-tion of ligands of the α-diimine Ni complexes, you will be able to tune their catalytic behavior and the final polymer property.

Beschreibung: The catalyzed polymerization will be run and optimized under different reaction conditions, including the co-catalyst molar ratio, temperature, pressure, and time. High temperature GPC, NMR, and DSC will be used to evaluate the exact property of the final polymers, such as the molecular weight, melting point and branching density. Hence, you will work collaboratively with other team members to learn and discover the method to syn-thesize the new α-diimine ligands/ complexes, and run ethylene polymerization.

Kontaktperson: Ruikai wu, ruikai.wu[ät]empa.ch

Link: https://www.empa.ch/web/s402/master-projects