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Shape the Future: Assessment of the Sustainability of Electric Cars

Climate Change. Sustainability. E-Mobility. These three topics are shaping the future of the automotive industry. Automobile manufacturers like Tesla, Daimler, BMW and Volkswagen advertise sustainable vehicles. But how sustainable are current vehicles? What materials are used? How can sustainability be quantified?
In this thesis you shall define Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to evaluate the sustainability of electric vehicles. The KPIs can include, for example, economic, environmental and social aspects. The aim is to identify, quantify and evaluate the relevant factors reaching from production to recycling. The KPIs shall be used to evaluate vehicles on the market in terms of their sustainability.
The master´s thesis can (but not limited to it) be written within the globalDrive Project.

GlobalDrive facilitates an interdisciplinary exchange with a partner university within and outside Europe in the context of a collaborative project. A team consisting of 2-3 Research Associates and 4-6 students collaborate with a team of our partner university consisting of comparable number of students. The focus of this program is on engineering design including prototyping. All participants are encouraged to submit a student thesis documenting their individual contribution. At the beginning of the project, the two student teams will develop a concept, which will be worked out in close cooperation. In the end, the results will be presented in Munich in a final event, where high-level representatives from the industry will be invited.

Within this project a holistic powertrain system approach is designed in order to optimize the conception process. This leads to a more time efficient process during design phase consid-ering independencies in an early stage. The ultimate aim of this model is to identify crucial vehicle and component parameters with high influence on defined objectives. Another aim is to enhance the development process by applying new technologies.

The work packages are the following:
– Literature research regarding the sustainability assessment of electric vehicles
– Definition of a holistic quantification of the sustainability of electric vehicles (KPI)
– Identification of materials used in electric vehicles
– Evaluate the sustainability of vehicles on the market
– Develop recommendations for research & development

If you are interested in the project, but you aren’t sure in which of the mentioned work pack-ages you fit the most, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your ideas. Please send an email to s4fm.ftm@ed.tum.de with your application form, your CV in addition to your bachelor’s and if available master’s performance records attached. Thank you!

Contact: Yasin Meral, yasin.meral@tum.de

Link: https://www.mos.ed.tum.de/ftm/lehre/internationale-studierendenprojekte/globaldrive-2022-2023/