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PhD – TUM Innovation Network for Robot Intelligence in the Synthesis of Life (RISE)

The Zeymer Lab is a member of the Department of Chemistry and the newly established Center for Functional Protein Assemblies at TU Munich, Germany. We engineer artificial metalloenzymes for non-natural reactions by combining rational design with laboratory evolution and study the enzymes’ structure and mechanism with various biophysical techniques.

We are currently looking for a dedicated and talented PhD Student
who is interested in the directed evolution of catalytic metallopeptides in the context of synthetic life. The PhD position is funded through the TUM Innovation Network for Robot Intelligence in the Synthesis of Life (RISE). This multidisciplinary group of researchers aims to combine machine learning and robotics with biochemical and biophysical experiments to tackle fundamental questions about the emergence of life and the possibility of synthetic life.

Candidates with a Master’s degree in Chemistry or Biochemistry, who are highly motivated to learn about laboratory evolution and metalloenzyme catalysis are encouraged to apply. Previous practical experience in either synthetic organic chemistry, bioinorganic chemistry, protein biochemistry, directed evolution, or (metallo-)enzymology will be of benefit.

Kontakt: cathleen.zeymer[ät]tum.de

Link: https://www.department.ch.tum.de/en/proteinchemie