Promotions-/PhD-Stellen Stellenangebote

PhD position at the Department of Neurology, University of Würzburg

Topic: Electrophysiological investigation of the pathogenicity of genetic variants in pain associated genes of patients with small fiber pathology an.

Tasks PhD candidate:
− Electrophysiological analysis (patch-clamp, multielectrode array) of patient-derived and sensory neurons in mono- and co-culture with Schwann cells
− HEK cell transfection and electrophysiological analysis
− Generation of patient-derived Schwann cells via iPSC
− Analysis of cultured Schwann cells by immunocytochemistry, qRT-PCR, and FACS

Prerequisites: We are seeking for a very industrious, eager, and reliable PhD candidate of Life Sciences or related Faculty who is enthusiastic about scientific work, and has experience in electrophysiology (patch-clamp) and cell culture. He/she is motivated to engage himself/herself in this exciting project and to become part of our enthusiastic research team!

Constellation: Our project will be performed by two PhD candidates who will team-up and work complementarily, however, on separate topics of the entire project.

Kontakt: Prof. Dr. N. Üçeyler, ueceyler_n[ät]ukw.de.