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MSc thesis students (f-m-d) in Functional Genomics of Mitochondrial Stress Signaling

MSc thesis students (f/m/d) in functional genomics of mitochondrial stress signaling @TheJaeLab LMU

Mitochondria experience substantial stress and malfunction in aging and severe human diseases, including neurodegeneration, cardiovascular defects, and cancer. Surprisingly, despite their separate genome, mitochondria do not encode any stress response genes and instead need to engage in complex interactions with the host cell to dispel any threats. Despite groundbreaking work in model organisms, how mitochondrial failure is detected, combated and prevented in the human system is largely unknown.
Using a unique functional genomics platform that combines bleeding-edge CRISPR genome engineering with ultradeep mutagenesis and phenotypic profiling (Brockmann et al., Nature, 2017), we have recently identified a pathway consisting of OMA1, DELE1 and HRI that signals a wide range of mitochondrial insults to the cytosol (Fessler et al., Nature, 2020). However, we are only beginning to understand how the central players of this pathway operate in the steady-state and in times of stress, and how this pathway interacts with other proteostasis mechanisms to maintain mitochondrial function in human cells (Eckl et al., CMLS, 2021; Fessler et al., Nature Comm. 2022).

Your profile
We are seeking highly motivated candidates who share our dedication to science and enthusiasm for interdisciplinary research. Together with your mentor, you will plan and perform experiments of high complexity, analyze large-scale data, and work well in a team. Excellent communication skills, fluency in English, and a solid background in molecular and cellular biology techniques, as well as genetics are required. Expertise in bioinformatics and a sense of humor are a plus.

Our offer
You will be part of a young and ambitious team consisting of scientists and students of different backgrounds with a shared interest in mitochondria, proteostasis and biological questions with high relevance for human disease. You will exclusively work in the human system and be trained in cutting-edge CRISPR gene editing, genome-wide screening and synthetic biology techniques, as well as classical biochemistry, cell and molecular biology applications. You will find ample opportunities for scientific exchange with world-leading scientists of various fields and develop your scientific career with lasting benefits through events on campus, seminars and hands-on courses. We are located in the new BioSys building of the Gene Center endowed with state-of-the-art laboratory space, equipment and core facilities, embedded in the vibrant, multi-disciplinary life sciences campus.

Your application should consist of an informative motivation letter, CV, and transcripts of records, preferably as single pdf document, addressed to jae[ät]genzentrum.lmu.de.

For more information about our lab at the LMU and our research please visit our website.

Contact: Lucas Jae, jae[ät]genzentrum.lmu.de

Link: https://www.genzentrum.uni-muenchen.de/research-groups/jae/index.html