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Master’s Thesis: Catalytic Activation of Dinitrogen with bioinspired Complexes

Short: The overarching aim of the Mougel group research at ETH Zürich is to provide energy efficient strategies for the (electro)chemical transformation of small molecules such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide to high value-added products. Molecular catalysts allow for a high tunability of reaction active sites. We hereby take our inspiration from Nature, by aiming to mimic biological phenomena. For this work the focus of research is on synthesis, reactivity and catalytic testing of various complexes for the reduction of nitrogen.

– Majoring in chemistry with a focus on inorganic chemistry or catalysis
– Experience in advanced Schlenk techniques and handling the Glovebox
– Curiosity and interest in scientific problem solving
– Experience in working with IR, NMR, GC, SC-XRD or UV-Vis are beneficial

Students will learn:
– Synthesis of air sensitive ligands and complexes using Schlenk techniques
– Catalytic testing under inert conditions
– Advanced NMR and UV-VIS characterization

We are looking forward to receiving your application via email to
– mstrauss[ät]ethz.ch and mougel[ät]inorg.chem.ethz.ch.
Additional application to TUM Auslandsbüro Chemie/ ETH Mobility.
Start: between February and May.

Link: https://mougel.ethz.ch/