Abschlussarbeiten Praktika Stellenangebote

Master Thesis position on structural and biochemical studies of Cullin-RING ubiquitin E3 ligases

The department of Brenda Schulman is searching for a master student to conduct a project for at least 6 months with the possibility to continue as a PhD. We are a highly supportive international team working on reconstitution of challenging protein-complexes. You will learn state-of-the-art techniques, which are required for your project. The well-equipped laboratory uses a combination of biochemistry, structural, cell and chemical biology to mechanistically characterize Cullin-RING E3 ubiquitin ligase complexes. The project involves the full-workflow from cloning, expression in bacterial, insect or mammalian cells, to multiprotein complex purification and cryo-EM, biochemical and biophysical analyses.

• General knowledge in biochemistry and molecular biology
• Ability to work in a team
• Dedication and motivation to solve important and difficult scientific questions
• Basic knowledge and experience in protein expression and purification

We offer:
• Cutting-edge structural biology (cryo-EM)
• Biochemical assay development with ubiquitin E3 ligases
• Participation in an exciting project
• Excellent scientific environment
• Working with an international team of talented scientists

Please send your application including your CV, names and contact information for two references, and a transcript of records to: lhopf[ät]biochem.mpg.de