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Master Thesis NMR & Catalysis

Interest to work at an interdisciplinary project at the interface of new NMR technologies and chemistry/catalysis?

Recent experiments have shown that defects in diamond, in particular nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers, can be used as quantum sensors for detecting nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) signals from tiny volumes down to a single molecule!

NV-NMR is paving the way for high-sensitivity real-time monitoring of chemical reactions on surfaces at the nanoscale in a totally non-invasive and non-destructive way. A natural application of such a new tool is the study of heterogeneous photocatalytic systems, where light-driven reactions take place on the surface and where very often the formation of short-lived radical species is crucial for the functioning of the catalytic cycle.

In this interdisciplinary project at the interface of Quantum sensing, Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) spectroscopy, chemistry and catalysis you will use NV-shallow-implanted diamond chips as sensing platforms on which to perform photocatalytic reactions to be monitored in real-time at room temperature. For the purpose you will implement NV-based-relaxometry experiments based on laser/LED light excitation as well as on spin-manipulation by microwave fields. This will enable the measurement of the relaxation times of the NV-electron spins being perturbed by the interacting intermediates during the catalytic process. This will allow to get crucial insight on the overall heterogeneous catalysis mechanism at the nanoscale.

Tasks: Putting into operation an optimized setup for NV-based experiment

Techniques: NV-NMR, Chemistry.

Skills: Ideally knowledge of NMR/EPR spectroscopies, physical chemistry and spectroscopy, inorganic chemistry and catalysis.

Contact dominik.bucher[ät]tum.de
The lab is located at the TUM Chemistry department (Physical Chemistry). For more information: www.bucherlab.org