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Investigation of Chemical and Phase Equilibria in Systems Containing Formaldehyde

Campus Straubing: Measurement and modeling of chemical and phase equilibria.

Scientific work at the Laboratory for Chemical Process Engineering at the Campus Straubing:
Formaldehyde is a feedstock for the production of polyoxymethylene dialkyl ethers (OME), a synthetic fuel, which exhibit significantly cleaner combustion compared to petroleum-based diesel fuels.
For further improvement of the properties of OMEs, the process design of the underlying synthesis as well as process optimization a detailed model of the chemical and phase equilibria in the system is essential. The development of such a model requires experimental equilibria data, which currently do not exist. In this scientific work, the phase equilibria are to be examined using existing tests stands and established correlations are be adapted to fit the data.
The task profile includes a familiarization with the reaction system, the planning, preparation and execution of equilibria measurements as well as the adaptation of established correlations.

Kontaktperson: Lukas Winklbauer, lukas.winklbauer[ät]tum.de

Link: https://ctv.cs.tum.de/