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HiWi for annotation of biological structures at MPI Neurobiology

Short description:
We are looking for motivated students to annotate subcellular structures in electron microscopy data from a zebra finch brain. Flexible working hours (40-80 hrs per month), working from home possible.

To gain a better understanding of neural circuits, we acquired 3D image data from electron microscopy. This gives information at the level of synapses and subcellular structures. We are now looking for biological annotators to identifiy several subcelullar structures in our 3D image data. If you are motivated to work between 40-80 hrs per month, are familiar with the biology of neurons, subcellular structures and/or have worked with electron microscopy data before we are happy to receive your application!

Kontaktperson: Alexandra Rother, rother[ät]neuro.mpg.de