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High-throughput approach for pancreatic cancer organoid engineering and FRET-based force measurements

Pancreatic cancer organoids are a powerful tool for the investigation of in vivo like conditions in a controlled manner. By appyling matrix patterning, organoids can be engineered based on provided 3D structures and be analysed in a high-throughput approach. The mechanical interaction of cells and their environment plays a crucial role in development and disease. For a quantitative investigation of mechanical cues in malignant cells, FRET-based force sensors are applied and imaged via FLIM.

Your Profile:
• Surpassing grades in your bachelor’s program in biology, (bio)chemistry, molecular biotechnology, physics, or related scientific program
• Genuine interest in the powerful applications of cancer organoids combined with ECM patterning, photolithography and FLIM-FRET imaging
• Previous experience with microscopy, fiji (imageJ) data analysis, mammalian cell culture, CAD, microfluidics
• The ability to be self-motivated and to work within an interdisciplinary team of biotechnologists and physicist
• English language and organizational skills

Mammalian cell culture, organoid culture, immunostainings, ECM patterning, photolithography, fluorescence and FLIM imaging, image processing

Starting date: 06/22
Contact person: M.Sc. Sophie Kurzbach, sophie.kurzbach[ät]tum.de
Website: https://www.bauschlab.org/