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Help to accelerate next generation cancer immunotherapies

Short description:
We are a highly motivated and innovative resaerch team at the chair for biomolecular nanotechnology working on the realisation of next generation cancer immunotherapies based on DNA-nanotechnology. We are looking for highly motivated students to join our team.

Antibody-based  immunotherapies  have  great  potential  for  the  treatment  of  tumor  diseases. However,  an  over-stimulation  of  the  immune  system  can  lead  to  side  effects  that  require  the therapy to be discontinued. This overstimulation has two causes: First, the target antigens are often present both on the tumor tissue and on the healthy tissue. Secondly, the antibodies are active throughout the body and not only locally on the tumor. In order to solve these problems, our  team  aims  to  develop  an  „on/off  button“  for  antibody  immunotherapies.  This  is  an  ultra-miniaturized nanoswitch made of DNA. The nanoswitch can specifically recognize tumor cells and recruit the body’s own immune cells to fight these cells. This enables the immune system to fight tumor cells in a targeted and „on demand“ manner and leads to lower activity on healthy tissue and thus to fewer side effects. Our long-term goal is to use the DNA platform in cooperation with pharmaceutical companies to develop therapeutics against various tumor diseases. To turn this project into realty our team consisting of 8 people including 3 Post-Docs, 3 PhD and 2 master students with a strong background in biophysics and biochemistry is looking for further expertise in  various  fields  of  research,  including  molecular  biology,  chemistry,  immunology,  and  tumorbiology.  The  team  was  already  awarded  with  several  prestigious  pre-seed  awards,  including  a GO-Bio Funding, the M4 and the Medical-Valley Award. 

If you are a highly motivated, experimentally skilled, tumor-fighting enthusiast with some of the following skills

For a Bachelor Thesis:
• Fast learning ability 
• Pipetting affinity 
• Interest in cell-culture 
• Basic laboratory documentation skills (write down what you do J)

For a working student:
• B.Sc. degree in any natural science field
• Possibility to work 10 h or more per week (up to 20 h)

For a Master Thesis :
• IT-affinity (Matlab, Excel) – no need to be a perfect coder
• Cell-culture experience 
• Flow-cytometry experience 
• Basic chemistry knowledge

Do not hesitate to contact us and we will present our topics directly to you. 

What we offer:
• Perfectly equipped new laboratory (latest generation of gel laser-scanners, plate readers, own non-shared cell culture, 2 state of the art electron microscopes and 1 high-end cryo-TEM, fluorescent microscopes, …)
• Highly motivated team of young entrepreneurial thinking Post-Docs 
• Low hierarchies within the team 
• Opportunity to write an excellent bachelor or master thesis on an exciting topic

Kontaktperson: Dr. Klaus Wagenbauer Boltzmannstr.
11 85748 Garching
089 289 10941