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Developing a quantum diamond microscope for imaging magnetically labeled cells and magnetic particles

Short description:
The thesis works at the unique interface of experimental quantum technology and analysis of chemical and biological systems.

Are you interested in the prospects to manipulate biological structures with magnetic fields to intervene in central cellular processes relevant in biomedicine? Then you should be interested in this joint Master’s project between the Bucher Lab https://www.bucherlab.org/ and Westmeyer Lab https://www.westmeyerlab.org/ on using quantum technology based on nitrogen-vacancy (NV-)centers to characterize and optimize biomagnetic nanostructures in living mammalian cells.

Your Profile:
 – an excellent and recent Bachelors’s degree in (bio)chemistry, chemical engineering , physics, molecular biotechnology, or related academic programs
– genuine interest in the powerful applications of NV-centers (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nitrogen-vacancy_center) previous experience with microscopy and mammalian
– basic knowledge of python
– the ability to be self-motivated and work with an interdisciplinary team of bioengineers, (bio)chemists, physicist, and data scientists.
– english language and organizational skills.

Students will learn:
– to run and to improve a quantum diamond microscope (https://arxiv.org/abs/1910.00061)
– optics and microscopy
– magnetic nanoparticles and cell labeling

We are looking forward to receiving your application via email to Dominik Bucher

Kontaktperson: Dominik Bucher, dominik.bucher@tum.de

Link: http://www.bucherlab.org