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Design of functional polymer systems for 4-D printing techniques

Is part of: Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellowship

Project description:
4D printing of stimuli sensitive polymers has the potential to introduce additional functionalities to a wide variety of practical applications and further to fabricate customized functional devices. Within this project photopolymers are developed comprising stimuli sensitive groups that change the network structure, network density, (thermo-)mechanical properties but also surface properties in response to external trigger. Taking advantage of the high reactivity and excellent mechanical properties, 3D printed stimuli sensitive polymers will be based on photopolymerization of (methyl-) methacrylates as well as on “click” chemistry, suitable for DLP (digital light processing) based printing processes. Advancing from investigations of 2D photopolymers, complex 3D architectures with smart functionality (e.g. self-healing, shape memory, etc.) will be manufactured by employing additive manufacturing techniques. The smart functionality based on stimuli-triggered dynamic bond cleavage and formation mechanisms of the polymers will be investigated and the potential and limitations of the designed architectures for different transformations (e.g. gripping of objects) and applications in soft robotics will be evaluated.

We provide
✓ Advanced research in a multi-disciplinary team
✓ Excellent contacts to industry as well as to national and international research organizations
✓ Additional educational program involving training schools, workshops and summer schools
✓ Flexible working hours, 40h per week
✓ Possibility to perform a PhD at the Montanuniversitaet Leoben

Link: pccl.at/karriere/jobangebote.html

Kontaktperson: (Priv.-Doz. DI) Dr. Sandra Schlögl: jobs[ät]pccl.at