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AI based de-novo protein design

We are having multiple projects in the field of AI based de-novo protein design and are looking for motivated students to join!

AI has revolutionized the field of protein design and opened up countless new possibilities to design functional biomolecules. We are currently setting up several projects involving deep-learning based methods to create new functional proteins for a variety of applications including gene therapy, cancer immunotherapy and structural nanotechnology. Because of this we are seeking highly motivated students to join our team!

We can provide:
HiWi positions
Bachelor & Master Thesis

What you should bring:
– Best would be a background in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Biophysics, Computational science, informatics etc., but everybody who can convince us that he/she has the motivation to learn the basics is welcome!
– Hands on experience with lab work (e.g.: Protein Expression and purification, molecular cloning, SEC, CD-spectroscopy, PAGE-Gels)
– A lot of motivation to work in an rapidly evolving field and highly competitive field
– Being a good teamplayer

What we can offer:
– A very modern and state of the art equipped lab, regarding both laboratory devices and computational resources
– A young and dynamic work environment with lots of possibilities
– The ability to work on one’s own projects
– A completely different approach to work with proteins in a high throughput fashion

If you are interested feel free to send your CV and a couple of lines about you to: chris.j.frank[ät]tum.de