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23.01.2019 22:04 Age: 210 days
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By: SP

Master’s thesis “Unusual Reactivities of Low-Valent Silicon Compounds”

Masterarbeit am Lehrstuhl Rieger über das Reaktionsverhalten von niedervalenten Siliciumverbindungen zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt

Master’s thesis

“Unusual Reactivities of Low-Valent Silicon Compounds”


Planned start: asap from 1st of February 2019



In the project, we are focused on low-valent silicon compounds based on Si(II), which can be used for small molecule activation. The task is to achieve not only activation, but a catalytic conversion by transfer of the activation product to a substrate.

Besides oxidative addition & reductive elimination (OA & RE), insertion reactions are the basic criteria for TM-type catalysis. The first transition metal-type ethylene migratory insertion into a Si-Si-bond was demonstrated by D. Wendel from our group.1

The quest for insertion reactions is the core of this master’s thesis to access a full catalytic cycle and to gain deeper insights in reaction mechanisms and electronic structures.



This thesis uses our recently discovered activation reactions based on the silepin structure2 and is focused in particular on insertion reactions. Jointly with Prof. Inoue & quantum chemical calculations, we investigate the electronic structure at Si(II, IV) needed to allow insertions to Si-R bonds.

During this thesis, the candidate will synthesise the known Si(II) structure(s) and perform several activation reactions using various substrates. Subsequently, a thorough study of insertion reactions is to be conducted to obtain a transfer to a substrate. Eventually, catalytic and kinetic investigations conclude the thesis.



  • strong synthetic background and experience in handling air sensitive compounds
  • knowledge in inorganic chemistry & general interest in main group chemistry
  • catalysis background beneficial
  • ability for working independently
  • being open minded
  • good knowledge in English and German


If interested, please contact Daniel ( and Andreas (!


Further information:

1 Wendel, Rieger et al., Organometallics, 2016, 35 (1), 1.

2 Wendel, Rieger et al. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2017, 139, 8134.