Student Body General Meeting plus (FVVplus)

At the start of each winter semester we organize the so called Student Body General Meeting plus(aka Fachschaftsvollversammlung plus or FVVplus). The next FVVplus will take place on the 28th of October from 10 to 12am. Place of the event is the foyer of the chemistry faculty. All of you will have the opportunity to attend the FVVplus, since all courses during this time are cancelled!

For the FVVplus, we, the student council, will present our work. Furthermore, we will be available on site for any of your questions or concerns. As part of the FVVplus a research chair contact fair will take place, where you have the opportunity to talk to different chairs and research groups of our faculty.

This way students can inform themselves about different research areas of our faculty and talk to instructors and PhD students. Overall, this provides a good opportunity to get an overview over currently available bachelor and master theses.

Dear students, through the FVVplus you are provided with the opportunity to get to know more about current research performed by the many different research groups at our faculty. This is especially useful for research groups that are not involved in basic lectures or courses. We are excited for your attendance!

Information for Chairs/Research Groups

If you are interested in participating in the FVVplus chair contact fair, you can contact us at We are of course always willing to help, if you have any questions.


Bachelor/Master Thesis and Job Offers

Where can I find job offers?

All job advertisements published by the student council can be found under the German page Stellenangebote.
In addition, there is a TUM job exchange, where you can often find HiWi jobs.

How do I find Theses?

Although master’s theses do appear in our job advertisements from time to time, bachelor’s theses practically never do. Here, direct contact with chairs, teachers and assistants in the laboratory is really the best way.

Where can my job offers be publicized?

We publish job advertisements on our homepage, there is also a form for this. Otherwise we accept jobs also as email to In addition we post the jobs in the common room on the notice board.
We do not share job ads or calls for surveys/studies via our social media, as this would flood our content.


Bachelor/Master Thesis and Research Internships in General

Many research groups do not openly advertise for research internships. Most of the time, due to the short duration of those internships, the groups have capacity for students. Therefore, should you be interested in other research groups not advertised on this website you can just contact them directly.