Chemistry Student Council

How can I contact the student council?

You can find all the important information under contact in the main menu.
Our office is located in room CH 26503. During the semesters, the office is usually open, but we don’t have specific opening hours.

How can I participate in the Student Council?

You can find out how, when and where you can get involved with us under “Student Council > Join us now!” on our website. There are also some food for thought on why you should do this of all things.
If you don’t have that much time at your disposal, you can also help out at our events from time to time. More about this under “Events > Supporting Events”.

What does the Student Council do for its students?

Everything the student council does can be found in the main menu under “Student Council > Units” and “Student Council > Committees of the Chemistry Department”.

Where is the Student Council’s office located?

Our office can be found in room CH 26503 in the department of chemistry.


IT-Systems and Printing

Where can I find information regarding the IT-systems at TUM (VPN, eduroam, CampusOnline etc.)?

Everything about the IT-systems at TUM can be found here.

How can I use the printers at the department of chemistry?

Three printers are available in the CIP pool, two black and white printers and one colour printer. You can print from the PCs in the CIP-Pool to the printers Julia, Leo and Joachim if you have enough credit. The faculty provides each of its students with a daily quota. If you need more than that, you can buy additional quota as a voucher in our office.

What to do if a printer is out of order?

Let us know in our office: either you come by for a short visit or you call from the CIP pool. There’s a phone on the wall across the printers and our number is right next to it.

How does the printing quota work?

You can purchase a printing quota for using the printers at the student council’s office in room CH 26503. You have to pay cash since we can’t accept any digital payment. You have to unlock the voucher on the print server. Make sure to enter the code correctly.
If it doesn’t work, contact someone in the student council office.


Everything about laboratory courses

Where can I get laboratory insurance?

The laboratory insurance that we recommend can be taken out at The site also contains a guide to which tariff is the right one for whom.
It is often worth asking your own liability insurance (or that of your parents, if you are still insured) whether and to what extent laboratory damage is covered.

Where can I get a lab coat and goggles?

A lab coat can be purchased at the student council’s office in cash. We are not able to accept any kind of digital payment. Our office is located in room CH 26503.
Goggles can be purchased at the supply management.

If you wish to purchase your laboratory equipment elsewhere, make sure that certain quality criteria are met:
Safety goggles should have a good seal, especially at the bottom, and side protection.
Lab coats should be long-sleeved, at least up to the knees and made of cotton.

Where can I get a locker?

Lockers are assigned during your official introductory event. You have to leave a deposit of around 50€ in exchange for the key, which will be given back to you when you return the key.
The department in charge is the faculty’s practical course management.