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Bachelor’s thesis: Application of genetically encoded tension sensor modules to pancreatic cancer organoid

Short description:
The aim of this thesis is to establish a new method for the measurement of molecular forces by applying tension sensors based on FRET to pancreatic cancer organoids. Confocal microscopy and digital imaging processing and analysis will be employed to understand how mechanical forces lead to structure formation processes in organmorphogenesis.

Your Profile:
• Surpassing grades in your bachelor’s program in biology, (bio)chemistry, molecular biotechnology, physics, or related scientific program
• Genuine interest in the powerful applications of cancer organoids combined with FLIM-FRET imaging
• Previous experience with microscopy, fiji (imageJ) data analysis, mammalian cell culture
• The ability to be self-motivated and to work within an interdisciplinary team of biotechnologists and physicist
• English language and organizational skills

Mammalian cell culture, organoid culture, immunostainings, FACS, fluorescence and FLIM imaging, image processing

Contact: M.Sc. Sophie Kurzbach, sophie.kurzbach[ät]tum.de

Link: https://www.bauschlab.org/

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SpiroChem – Job Offer for MSc in Organic Chemistry

Position summary:
In this position, you will design, plan, and perform advanced discovery research projects and custom synthesis projects. You will generate and evaluate data, interpret, and report results, draw conclusions and write reports.
Specifically, you will provide support to the laboratory department by performing and/or coordinating a variety of laboratory processes

Perform multi-step small molecule organic synthesis experimentation (mg to 100g scale).
Help in maintaining stocks of special building blocks.
Recognize technical issues and propose solutions.
Write technical reports.Prepare weekly progress reports and present during project meetings.
Ensure a careful and diligent application of HS&E standards in daily work.

– Master degree in synthetic organic chemistry. No PhD
– Demonstrated laboratory skills and technical expertise in the field of synthetic organic chemistry.
– Industrial experience preferred, but not mandatory.
– Versatility in common IT applications (Microsoft office).
– Proficient use of scientific databases (SciFinder, Reaxys), chemistry softwares (ChemDraw, ChemInventory) and electronic laboratory journal (E-Notebook).
– Excellent organizational skills and accuracy in experimental documentation.
– Good communications skills and fluency in English. Knowledge of German may be of advantage.
– Teamwork/Interpersonal skills.
– Ability to manage multiple projects efficiently.

What SpiroChem offers:
A stimulating working environment in a fast-growing high-tech SME, with challenging projects and exciting internal R&D.

The possibility for development and advancement within our dynamic organization.

How to contact us:
Send your CV including references and cover letter to Dr. Florent Beaufils at jobs[ät]spirochem.com

Kontakt: Dr. Florent Beaufils

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BA / SA / MA: Potentialkontrollierte Membranchromatographie – Setup Design

Entwicklung eines neuen Setups für die Potentialkontrollierte Membranchromatographie.
Aufgaben: Entwicklung eines Membranmoduls, Simulation der Strömungseigenschaften, Inbetriebnahme an einer präparativen Chromatographieanlage
Anforderungen: Kreativität und handwerkliches Geschick, Spaß an angewandter Forschung, Von Vorteil: Erste Kenntnisse in CAD und Comsol

Ziel dieses Forschungsprojektes ist die Entwicklung eines neuartigen Chromatographieprozesses unter Einsatz von leitfähigen Membranen. Diese können in ihrer Ladung und folglich ihrem Bindecharakter beeinflusst werden und ermöglichen somit eine potentialkontrollierte Elution des Zielmoleküls. Dadurch kann die Biomolekülaufreinigung nicht nur effizienter und kostengünstiger sondern auch nachhaltiger erfolgen.
In dieser Abschlussarbeit soll ein neues Membranmodul für den Einsatz an einer präparativen Chromatographieanlage mittels CAD entworfen werden. Die Strömungseigenschaften des Moduls spielen hierbei eine entscheidende Rolle und sollen anschließend simulativ untersucht werden. In einem weiteren Schritt soll das entwickelte Modul an einer präparativen Chromatographieanlage in Betrieb genommen und auf seine Eignung untersucht werden.

Kontaktperson: Dennis Röcker, d.roecker[ät]tum.de

Link: https://www.epe.ed.tum.de/stt/selektive-trenntechnik/

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Carbon capture & storage: analysis and characterization of biochar production pathways

Short description:
At the Laboratory of Chemical Process Engineering, a new project about carbon capture and storage has recently started. The overall aim of the project is to reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere by developing a suitable long-term carbon storage in Bavaria. There are various carbon sources, such as CO2 from air, minerals, organic waste, crops, algae and further sorts of biomass. All of them are carbon-containing resources and, therefore, must be considered as possible feedstock for carbon storage. To achieve a higher carbon content and higher density of these compounds, processes are sought to convert them to long-term carbon storage materials.
Within the scope of this project, biochar as a feasible storage material should be analyzed. Special interest applies to the characterization of different production pathways concerning yield, energy and water consumption and required temperatures for each production pathway. For more details, contact the supervisor.

Description: Good knowledge of German or English language is required, as well as interest in carbon capture and storage techniques. Priorknowledge in any of the following topics is appreciated but not required: LCA, process engineering, reaction kinetics, thermodynamics, and physical chemistry. Good support and training will be provided.

Kontaktperson: Natalie Rosen, natalie.rosen[ät]tum.de

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Studentische Hilfskräfte für die Betreuung von Auszubildenden im Ausbildungsberug Chemielaborant (m/w/d) gesucht

Ab sofort sucht das Ausbildungszentrum der TUM Unterstützung für die nichtakademische Berufsausbildung auf Minijob-Basis.

– Betreuung und Lehre während der Prüfungsvorbereitung von Auszubildenden (Praxis und Theorie)
– Mithilfe in der Verwaltung
– Mithilfe bei Events wie z.B. Zeugnisübergaben, Berufsinformationsmessen, u.a.

Wir erwarten:
Spaß und Aufgeschlossenheit beim Umgang mit jungen Erwachsenen
Einbringen und Ausprobieren von eigenen pädagogischen Ideen
Das Ausbildungszentrum hat seinen Sitz in der Fakultät für Chemie in Garching

Kontaktperson: Technische Universität München Ausbildungszentrum, Frau Monika Partsch
Lichtenbergstr. 4 85748 Garching
Tel.: 089-289-13160,

Link: https://www.berufsausbildung.tum.de/berufsausbildung/startseite/

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Internships at Oncology Department at Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research (NIBR)

The Oncology Department of the Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research in Basel, Switzerland is currently looking for interns in the field of molecular and cellular biology. Positions are available for 6 months to work on different aspects of cancer biology.
You will be involved in cutting-edge research using the latest technologies in genetic manipulation, molecular cloning, cellular analyses and nucleic acid / protein characterization. You will join enthusiastic teams working on immune-oncology and signal transduction pathways to dissect the molecular functions of a number of candidate oncogenes/tumor suppressors in diverse cancer settings.

Your tasks will be:
– Design, execute and/or analyze experimental work with the supervision of different team members
– Contribute to lab / team organization and projects development
– Formulate and test additional hypothesis based on a large amount of internal data in different fields
– Provide accurate raw data documentation, evaluation and results interpretation

– M.Sc. degree in Molecular Biology (and related)
– Experience with mammalian cell culture and basic cell biology techniques (e.g. Western blotting) is required. FACS experience is preferred but not required.
– Interest / knowledge in cancer biology, immune-oncology and signal transduction are advantageous but not required.
– Good organizational skills with respect to planning, tracking and adherence to timelines
– Good communication, presentation and scientific writing skills
– Fluency in English is mandatory (oral & written)

Kontaktperson: Carlotta Costa, carlotta.costa[ät]novartis.com

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WERKSTUDENT*IN Backoffice Beratungsteam München für TheDive

Wir suchen eine*n Werkstudent*in (8-10h/Woche, 15€/h), die*der unser Beratungsteam in München mit viel Freude im täglichen Arbeitsgeschäft unterstützt, Lust hat selbstorganisiert zu arbeiten und mit Administrations-Power zu unserem Backoffice dazustößt.

Wir suchen eine*n Werkstudent*in (8-10h/Woche, 15€/h), die*der unser Beratungsteam in München mit viel Freude im täglichen Arbeitsgeschäft unterstützt, Lust hat selbstorganisiert zu arbeiten und mit Administrations-Power zu unserem Backoffice dazustößt.

sind TheDive. Wir begleiten Organisationen dabei, das nächste Level ihrer Entwicklung zu erreichen und helfen Menschen in Unternehmen, mit mehr Sinn und einem ganzheitlichen Mindset ihr volles Potenzial zu entfalten – und dabei jede Menge Spaß zu haben. Was uns antreibt ist eine Vision, in der wirtschaftliches Handeln die Welt besser und lebendiger macht und nicht zerstört. Zu unseren Kund*innen zählen große internationale und kleine Unternehmen sowie Kultureinrichtungen und politische Akteur*innen.

● bist gewissenhaft, motiviert und empfindest so etwas wie Leichtigkeit und Freude an Bürotätigkeiten?
● legst Wert auf astreine Arbeitsergebnisse und übernimmst gerne Verantwortung?
● hast eine eigenständige, effiziente und sorgfältige Arbeitsweise?
● nimmst es genau, hast Spaß an Organisation und kannst gut den Überblick behalten?
● begeisterst dich für New Work und hast Lust auf ein neues Arbeitsverständnis?
● bist vertraut und sicher im Umgang mit Office Programmen (Excel/Google Sheets, Word/Google Docs)?
…dann werde Teil unseres Münchner Teams!

Als Werkstudent*in im Backoffice trägst du tatkräftig dazu bei, dass auch Backstage unserer Beratungsprojekte alles rund läuft. Du übernimmst u.a. Aufgaben in der vorbereitenden Buchhaltung, erstellst Projektdokumentationen und kümmerst Dich um interne Datenpflege. Du organisierst kleinere Events und kennst dich mit unseren internen Tools aus. Du übernimmst dabei eigenständig Aufgabenpakete und unterstützt unser Teams mit organisatorischen Tätigkeiten.Von wo aus und wann genau du das tust, bleibt aber dir überlassen: Wenn du zu Hause gut arbeiten kannst: schön! Wenn du Lust auf Gesellschaft hast: Willkommen in unserem Büro.

Dann schick uns deine Bewerbung per Mail an Eva-Maria (loeffl@thedive.com):
● Deinen bisherigen Werdegang in fünf Sätzen
● Deinen Lebenslauf mit Noten aus Abitur und Universität
● Schul- und Unizeugnisse
● Ein bis zwei Situationen aus deinem Leben die zeigen, dass du gut zu diesem Job passt
● Ein kleines, aber feines Motivationsschreiben, das uns zeigt, wer Du bist!

Kontaktperson: Eva-Maria, loeffl@thedive.com

Link: https://www.thedive.com/de

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Synthesis of polyethylene with controlled microstructure from α-diimine Ni complexes Description- Master thesis

Kurzbeschreibung: In this Master Thesis, your work will be mainly concentrated on the development of novel and functionalized α-diimine Ni complexes to catalyze ethylene polymerization. Through careful design involving systematic varia-tion of ligands of the α-diimine Ni complexes, you will be able to tune their catalytic behavior and the final polymer property.

Beschreibung: The catalyzed polymerization will be run and optimized under different reaction conditions, including the co-catalyst molar ratio, temperature, pressure, and time. High temperature GPC, NMR, and DSC will be used to evaluate the exact property of the final polymers, such as the molecular weight, melting point and branching density. Hence, you will work collaboratively with other team members to learn and discover the method to syn-thesize the new α-diimine ligands/ complexes, and run ethylene polymerization.

Kontaktperson: Ruikai wu, ruikai.wu[ät]empa.ch

Link: https://www.empa.ch/web/s402/master-projects

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Research Assistant / Doctoral Student (m/f/d)

At the Straubing Campus for Biotechnology and Sustainability at the Technical University of Munich, processes are being developed for sustainable and environmentally friendly chemical production. Due to the cross-industry and cross-disciplinary nature of the topic, experts from various disciplines work closely together on this. Modern biotechnological methods play a central role in this process.

We are looking for a Research Assistant / Doctoral Student (m/f/d)
for a European research project (PERFECOAT) on the Development and modification of biopolymers (exopolysaccharides) for paint applications.
Within the work the following areas will be addressed:
– Enzymatic and chemical functionalization of exopolysaccharides (EPS)
– Optimization of isolation and purification processes
– Structural and application-related product characterization

Your profile:
– Above average successfully completed university studies in the fields of chemistry, material science, biochemistry, biotechnology or similar
– Solid experience with work in organic chemistry or polymer chemistry
– Ideally, you have experience with polymer analogous reactions and polymer analytics
– Interest and experience in biocatalysis, enzyme engineering or fermentation is a plus
– Curiosity and interest in scientific issues
– Fluent in English, both orally and written. German is a plus, but not mandatory.
– High level of commitment as well as teamwork and communication skills

We offer:
– An interdisciplinary scientific challenge in an applied environment with exposure to academic and industrial partners across the EU
– Salary according to TV-L, E 13, part-time (65 %). The employment is limited to 3 years.
– There is the possibility of a stay abroad.
– As a TUM doctoral student, you are automatically a member of the TUM Graduate School. You will benefit from a comprehensive qualification and further education program, mentorship, funding for travel abroad as well as target group-specific services and consulting offers.
– Severely disabled applicants will be given preference if their suitability is otherwise essentially equal.

The Technical University of Munich aims to increase the proportion of women in its workforce, and therefore expressly welcomes applications from women.
Please send your application by Nov 30, 2021 with the subject PERFECOAT 4 by e-mail to: bew_cbr[ät]cs.tum.de

Contact: bew_cbr[ät]cs.tum.de

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Masterarbeit (m/f/d) Biotechnologie / Chemie beim TUM-MedTech Startup & Professur für Selektive Trenntechnik

Dymium is an early-stage MedTech startup based in Munich. Our team has developed and patented a new surgical method for the residue-free, minimal-invasive removal of kidney stone fragments using magnetism. This has the potential to save thousands of patients from follow-up surgeries every year. We are looking for a student (m/f/d) to help us with the pre-clinical testing and validation of our prototype ex vivo, i.e. in porcine (pig) kidneys.

Kontakt: shyam.sri[ät]dymium.de