Master students in biochemistry & structural biology of human membrane protein complexes

The Schulman Department of Molecular Machines & Signaling is seeking 1-2 Master students in protein biochemistry to conduct research in the group for at least a 6-month duration, with the possibility of continuation for PhD studies. You will join a supportive international team working on
reconstituting challenging multi-protein complexes of the ubiquitination pathway for biochemical and structural dissection, applying state-of-the-art insect/mammalian protein expression, chemical biology (e.g. activity-based probes), protein engineering and cryo-EM platforms.

Students with a passion to work on difficult problems and prior practical laboratory experience in molecular biology and protein biochemistry are very welcome to apply. Prior experience working with membrane proteins would be a plus, but is not required.

The Master student positions are available immediately and preference will be given to applicants with earliest possible starting dates.

Kontakt: braeuning[ät]biochem.mpg.de.