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Bachelor’s thesis: Application of genetically encoded tension sensor modules to pancreatic cancer organoid

Short description:
The aim of this thesis is to establish a new method for the measurement of molecular forces by applying tension sensors based on FRET to pancreatic cancer organoids. Confocal microscopy and digital imaging processing and analysis will be employed to understand how mechanical forces lead to structure formation processes in organmorphogenesis.

Your Profile:
• Surpassing grades in your bachelor’s program in biology, (bio)chemistry, molecular biotechnology, physics, or related scientific program
• Genuine interest in the powerful applications of cancer organoids combined with FLIM-FRET imaging
• Previous experience with microscopy, fiji (imageJ) data analysis, mammalian cell culture
• The ability to be self-motivated and to work within an interdisciplinary team of biotechnologists and physicist
• English language and organizational skills

Mammalian cell culture, organoid culture, immunostainings, FACS, fluorescence and FLIM imaging, image processing

Contact: M.Sc. Sophie Kurzbach, sophie.kurzbach[ät]tum.de

Link: https://www.bauschlab.org/